Get To Know Lily B

Lily B Moonflower is a passionate songwriter with a velvet voice and a performer that finds joy in sharing her lifelong craft, carrying on traditions of roots music, and connecting with the souls of the world thru song. 

She & her band refer to their style of music as, "Folk 'n Roll with a TWANG". Lily's hand-scripted lyrics are authentically crafted and delivered with grace and grit. She is able to connect with her audience on a profound level and leaves a lasting impression on the folks she meets, everywhere she goes. Her original songs are like colorful sonic tapestries that instantaneously uplift any spirit. With melodies that flow out so naturally, listeners are brought back to a realm of refreshment, enthusiasm & inspiration. 

Moonflower's songwriting & artistic style combines honest lyrics with soaring vocals, and intricate instrumental interplay. Her fresh approach puts a unique spin on a classic sound. The debut album, "Moonflower" she released in 2021 is reflective of her genuine soulshine and her positively unique perspective on life. Kick back & enjoy "Moonflower" on all streaming platforms today!