Lily B Releases FIRST SINGLE off her debut album, Moonflower 

On April 20th 2019, Lily B Moonflower dropped her FIRST SINGLE, Midnight Song, off her debut album, Moonflower! 

MIdnight Song, an original composition by Lily B Moonflower.
The track is a progressive americana anthem that embodies the essence of midwestern life. Combining genuine lyrics with soaring vocals, and intricate instrumental interplay-- this fresh single puts a unique spin on a classic sound. The track was produced by Kansas City's finest producer, Martin F. Farrell Jr. You can stream and download Midnight Song from Lily's website or on Lily's BandCamp page! It will be avaliable for streaming on spotify and all other platforms soon.

Guitar & Vocals- Lily B Moonflower 
Resonator Guitar- Jake Keegan 
Fiddle- Michael Turnbo 
Bass/Drums/Telecaster- Martin F. Farrel 
Harmony Vocals- Jenna Rae 

*all rights reserved by Lily B Moonflower Music©*