90.9 The Bridge premieres Lily B's debut music video for "Midnight Song"

The first Bridge video premiere of 2021 is a “quintessential Midwestern celebration of love, celebration and music,” from singer-songwriter Lily B Moonflower.  

“Midnight Song” feels just like going home again. 

As she reminisces about “late nights dancing barefoot on the honky-tonk floor” — her inspiration for the tune — Moonflower’s voice shimmers over a wistful fiddle and a dusky resonator guitar. It calls to mind the enchantment of youth, the jubilation of love and the comfort of kinship. Often, our most treasured memories.  

The lead single from her upcoming debut album, “Midnight Song” also represents a mile marker in Moonflower’s career.  

“I started making music at 8 years old when my grandpa gave me a guitar, and now that I'm 23, my original music is now seeing the light of day,” she said. 

And that original music also got to make its way home – specifically, to Moonflower’s hometown of Desoto, Kansas, where most of the video was filmed.  

"Shooting the video in my hometown with all my friends and family felt like coming full circle,” she said. She also said that it represented the “magical, fleeting dream state that music creates.” 

It’s that moment of ecstasy where you’re lost in a song. Where time feels suspended. Where you’re twirling around a campfire, laughing with friends at your favorite neighborhood haunt, trading riffs on a small-town stage, dancing barefoot on the honky-tonk floor.  

And in that moment, you’re home. 

“Midnight Song” is available now on all major streaming platforms. It’s the first single from Lily B Moonflower’s upcoming album, “Moonflower,” dropping Friday, Feb. 12 via Lost Cowgirl Records.