KC songwriter visits Nashville for the first time

Lily is attending Nashville's Americana Music Festival 9/11 - 9/16 and being a young musician from Kansas City, this is her first experience in Nashville. She says, "I'veĀ been hosting some amazing parties here in Nashville, the first day I hosted the Paul Thorn party, yesterday I hosted the Texas music office day party, and today im hosting the Australian BBQ party!" She also visited Jack White's Third Man Records and recording the song Kansas City Star by Roger Miller DIRECTLY onto vinyl! She says, "Just playing Jack White's beautiful hollow body in the studio would have been enough for me! But I got to set foot into the booth where legends such as Neil Young, one of my favs, haveĀ also recorded in!" As you listen to the vinyl recording, it sounds like its directly out of the 1940's. The grit is part of the charm. Lily hopes that sharing these experiences will inspire other young girls from small towns & all over, to pursue their dreams!