Moonflower Album Release Photoshoot

This past weekend, the creative juices were flowing between Lily B Moonflower and Charming Pixels by Ashton! There were moments of joy, strength, and creativity captured by legendary photographer Ashton Riffel, owner of Charming Pixels. The two young entrepreneurs ventured out into the falling leaves in the autumn woods along with Lily B Moonflower's loyal companion, Brewski Bernard! Here's what they said about the experience, " We love working together so much, the creativity between us is always flowing and the energy levels are always thru the roof. We've been close friends since I was a freshman in high school and we bring out the best in each other! We've supported each other constantly thru our journeys of being entrepreneurs and artists! Young business women are stronger when we unite! It's like an unstoppable force!"

Ashton Riffel is a photographer & marketing manager for Angel Competition Bikinis full time. Her personal photography business Charming Pixels by Ashton, captures family photos, senior portraits weddings, performing arts, action sports, and many many other styles of photography. Lily says, "I feel blessed to be able to work with such a talented, passionate and driven photographer, and to have a friendship with her and support her thru her journey. I imagine we'll be friends forever, no matter where life takes either one of us!"

Lily also mentions, "Its gonna be so tough picking the photo I want to use as the album artwork for my debut album Moonflower!"

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